Lately there’s been a trend towards demanding types of exercise—weightlifting, cycling, running. That’s fine, but your body needs to be prepared for the strain, and it also needs to be able to regenerate and get ready for future activity. Now, you could visit a massage therapist after every workout... but that gets expensive. And the Muscle Roller Stick for Athletes provides the same benefits! It promotes blood circulation in the places where you massage, and improves the flow of blood through your musculature, so that lactic acid flows out and nutrients flow in, speeding up your cells’ regeneration.

The stick offers you a high-quality massage whenever you want it:
- It improves blood circulation in your muscles before sports, reducing the risk of injury.
- It loosens up cramps after running and other sports.
- It reduces muscle pain after physisal stress .
- It can be used in every position—standing up, sitting down, kneeling, lying down, and more.
- It’s helpful for all kinds of sports—soccer, baseball, basketball, and more.
-It’s just the right size for travel, no matter whether you’re heading out on vacation, or just to the gym.

The Muscle Roller Stick is a favorite among people who play sports for fun, but professionals, teams, and whole leagues use it too. It’s popular thanks to its ease of use and its usability anywhere and everywhere.


- relieves cramps after running, tennis, cycling, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, and other sports. The Muscle Roller Stick will help reduce your muscle cramps.
- ideal for loosening up aching muscles. The Muscle Roller Stick will soothe your muscles and dissolve the harmful lactic acid inside them.
- great after accidents and operations. This massage stick will make your muscles more flexible and relaxed after each massage.

This stick’s body is made out of stainless steel. So unlike some other massage sticks, there’s no problem with the shaft bending, and you can use as little or as much pressure for your massages as you want. The 9 independent rollers in our stick also help to guarantee a high-quality massage. We’ve reacted to feedback from men who use our Muscle Roller Stick: we position the rollers so that there’s a large gap between them, so that your arm and leg hairs won’t get caught between the rollers.

The Muscle Roller Stick package has an illustrated guide on the box, including a link to an expanded guide on the Web.

We offer a two-year, 100%-money-back guarantee on this product.