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    - Why should I use the Muscle Roller Stick before exercising?
    The Muscle Roller Stick warms up your body and improves the circulation in your muscles and beneath your epidermis, and thus helps to prevent injuries.

  • - How often should I use the Muscle Roller Stick?
    The Muscle Roller Stick is designed to help you relieve muscle pain, but additionally, daily use helps to prevent it.

  • - How quickly should I move the Muscle Roller Stick?
    Relatively slowly—and at a constant speed.

    - Can the Muscle Roller Stick be used after an operation or injury?
    Only after consulting with your doctor!

    - Does the Muscle Roller Stick bend during a massage?
    The Muscle Roller Stick has a stainless steel shaft, which makes it unbending, and thus more effective for massage.

- Will the rollers on this massage stick catch and pull on my arm and leg hairs?
No. The rollers have a large space between them, eliminating the risk of this happening

- What’s in the package?
1 Muscle Roller Stick for Athletes, packaged in a color cardboard box with instructions.

- Will the instructions on the box be enough?
Yes—but as a bonus, the package also includes a link to an expanded guide on the Web.

- How long is the guarantee?
This product has a 2-year, 100%-money-back guarantee.

- Do I have to rate this product?
We’ll appreciate it if you write an honest and earnest review as soon as you can. It helps us make the product better, too!

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